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    I do like Vivienne and Zara but I'd much rather Vivienne and Florence. I think it's darling.
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    I think Vivian is/was the male spelling but I also think most of the general public wouldn't catch on to that. How about Vivien?
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    I like it. I prefer twin pairings that aren't too matchy matchy anyway. If you feel thats too Brangelina, Maybe Zora could work. But here are some middle name suggestions, for Zara. Which could also work with Zora...

    -Zara Lavender (maybe too match her sister's color middle name)
    -Zara Felicity (you already like this name)
    -Zara Evangeline
    -Zara Nicole
    -Zara Paige
    -Zara Juliet
    -Zara Josephine
    -Zara Ingrid
    -Zara Michelle
    -Zara Rue
    -Zara Moon
    -Zara Danielle
    -Zara Anastasia
    -Zara Juniper
    -Zara Blanche (also fits in if you want to go with a color theme as a middle name)
    -Zara Celeste
    -Zara Sophie
    -Zara Mireille

    I tried to pick classic names and more "out there" names depending on your style.

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    I think Vivian is firmly cemented as a female spelling in the US - most people don't even know it has any history as a male name. In the UK I get the sense it's a bit more masculine / ambi still.

    I too find Vivian and Zara more balanced in look (while still different enough) and also a further step away from Vivienne and Zahara. By the way though Vivienne and Zara doesn't really hit Jolie-Pitt notes to me too strongly though either. I do like the two names together,

    Vivienne and Philippa I don't care for tremendously although it's fine. Vivienne and Felicity is nice although I can see what some mean about it being maybe almost too well matched? Vivienne and Felice? Tres French.

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    So, what about Zara Winter and Vivian Gray?

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