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    Vivienne and Zara are a little mismatched for me too, although Vivi and Zara work.
    I like vivienne and felicity best.
    What about Vivienne and Czarina (or Zarina) nn Zara?

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    I didn't even think about the Jolie-Pitt clan. I think both names are respectable in their own right and perfectly usable. I admittedly did think of the Zara clothing shops but I don't think that's a bad thing at all, it's just the only association I have with Zara. Once family and friends see your baby Zara, that will be their association! I say use it! Vivienne and Zara are lovely!
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    I actually like the slight "mismatch" between Vivienne and Zara. I think it will give both girls their own character. Felicity and Philippa are to me actually too much like Vivienne. They are "darling" together, but maybe too cute, too perfectly matched. I agree with other posters that the V and Z combo really gives both names zing. If that's what you want, I say go for it.

    (Neither the Joli-Pitt or the closing shops came to my mind particularly, even after others mentioned it. )

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    I think the sound of Vivienne and Zara go perfectly well together. They are complementary BECAUSE they are a bit different, and yet not so far apart in style as to raise an eyebrow.

    To me, the issue (if any) would be how it looks on paper. Vivienne was given the more feminine of its spelling variations, whereas Zara was pretty straightforward and with less frills. This also means, as someone else has mentioned, that it is twice as long.

    Maybe consider Vivian Grey and Zara Felicity (or similar)? Vivian and Zara seem more of an "eye-matching" combo than Vivienne and Zara. This also means that it would be distanced from the very minorly concerning Brangelina association.

    Also, choosing to go with something such as Philippa and Vivienne together could very much limit your naming choices for any future children you may choose to have, as it is more of a particular naming style - with less flexibility - than something such as Vivian and Zara.

    Just some ideas.

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    Is Vivian not the male spelling? I do prefer less frilly...

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