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    Still looking for a name for twin 2. Does Zara go with Vivienne?

    I really love the name Zara, and despite reservations because of the clothing shop I keep coming back to it. Somehow I think it sounds stronger and more fresh with Vivienne Gray (twin 1's name) than do our other possible pairings with it like Felicity or Philippa.

    Thoughts? Middle name possibilities? It did cross my mind that the pairing could sound too Brangelina since Zara is close to Zahara... What do you think? Too close for respectable use?

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    I love it! I think they can work together because V and Z are both high-energy initials to me. Vivienne and Philippa would be my second choice.
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    I think they sound great together. Each has a different (not incompatible) feel, but they will each be a different person, so it's more than fine.

    Don't worry about the clothing store - so many people share names with stores...

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    After reading your post I immediately thought was that
    Vivienne Grey (nn Vivi) and Philippa Zara (nn Zara) would be darling.
    I tend to like twin names that have similar flow and feel yet unique qualities and I think this sib-combo would. So Vivienne and Zara feel too mis-matched to me. Also Vivienne and Zahara (which I would prefer) is really too Jolie-Pitt.
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    My very first thought was the Jolie Pitt association.

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