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    I also had the Jolie-Pitts pop into my head when I saw it so I would avoid it. I prefer the pairing of Vivienne and Felicity they are both energetic. I actually think that something French would work better with Vivienne.
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    First, I love Vivienne Grey, but I'm not a big fan of Phillipa (though I adore the nickname Pippa). Vivienne and Zara is OK, I like the V and Z initials together. I think though that Vivienne and Felicity make the most sense as sister names. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lexiem View Post
    After reading your post I immediately thought was that
    Vivienne Grey (nn Vivi) and Philippa Zara (nn Zara) would be darling.
    I tend to like twin names that have similar flow and feel yet unique qualities and I think this sib-combo would. So Vivienne and Zara feel too mis-matched to me. Also Vivienne and Zahara (which I would prefer) is really too Jolie-Pitt.
    This, exactly. I like both Zara and Vivienne but they're a little mismatched, they could work it just wouldn't be my first choice. Philippa Zara though I think is fabulous with Vivienne Gray. And I like the way Vivienne and Philippa kind of reflect each other with the double letters and the 'f' and 'v' beginning sounds but they can stand on their own and aren't too similar for twins.
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    Another vote for Vivienne Gray and Philippa Zara. If you had Viveca or Viva and Zara together, I think that would work better as they have a lot more similar vibe. Vivienne is a little to elegant next to Zara-- Philippa and Felicity work much better.

    Some other possibilities:

    Vivienne and Annabel
    Vivienne and Audrey
    Vivienne and Beatrice/Beatrix
    Vivienne and Camille
    Vivienne and Cassandra
    Vivienne and Emmeline
    Vivienne and Francesca
    Vivienne and Helena
    Vivienne and Isobel
    Vivienne and Juliette
    Vivienne and Lucinda
    Vivienne and Marcella
    Vivienne and Margeaux
    Vivienne and Millicent
    Vivienne and Natalie
    Vivienne and Rosalind
    Vivienne and Roxana
    Vivienne and Sylvia
    Vivienne and Thalia

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    Vivienne seems too long next to Zara, it's twice it's length. I love Felicity and Philippa with it, though.
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