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    Lila (lee-la) (I don't like this prn., I prefer lie-la)

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    None of these are horrific, but a few of these lean trendy/will-be-dated-someday to me:


    These I just really don't like, but they feel more like mid-80s to mid-90s names than current trends:

    Some other random & blunt opinions:
    Vastly prefer the Eloise spelling to Elouise.
    Really object to use of India unless you have a very good reason. Bad colonization/imperialism connections.
    Same to Jemima. If you're not in the US, keep in mind that if your kid ever goes there, this name has some baggage attached to it.
    Dulcie I really don't like, not sure why.

    Otherwise, most of your names seem classic and lovely too me. Sorry for all the negativity!

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    Lacey and Kennedy are the only ones that remind me personally of the Toddlers and Tiaras/Teen Mom feel.
    Audrey is probably my favourite on that list though, I think it is a darling name!
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    Alice - Love love love. Classic, literary, and beautiful.
    Audrey - Is getting more popular, but still a strong and beutiful name with great connections.
    Beatrice - Not my style, but a nice, classic, strong choice.
    Clara - Simple and pretty.
    Clarissa - Lovely - recognizable without being common.
    Eloise - Another that isn't my style, but definitely a good name.
    Florence - Ditto the above.
    Francesca - Has an oppulent, rich feel.
    Georgina - Reminds me of Jane Austen, the Brontes, etc. (that era). Georgiana is smiliar and equally as lovely.
    Harriet - Strong, classic.
    Lila (lee-la) I would pronounce Lie-lah, but either way it is nice without feeling to overused or trendy.
    Lily - A bit popular, but still very nice.
    Martha - Another classic.
    Matilda - Classic and literary! Who wouldn't love reading Matilda to their very own Matilda
    Meredith - Very pretty.
    Poppy - Maybe a little sweet for an adult, but so sute on a little one! Maybe use it as a nickname for a more versatile name?
    Rowan - One of my favorite unisex names that I generally like for the girls side (my other top is Avery).
    Stella - I just love Stella. And Estelle. They are just such happy sounding names.
    Verity - Love love love this!

    Allegra - Still always think of the meds or that weird Allegra's Window tv show...
    Deanna - I'm torn between feeling like this is a dated sounding name versus feeling like it is a trendy/made-up sounding name...
    Dulcie - Too sweet. Maybe as a nickname.
    Elouise - This spelling seems over the top, Eloise is much nicer.
    Fallon - Trendy sounding. Also a little boy-ish to me (and I swear I am not a hater of unisex names like some are, I just see this as more a boys name than unisex.)
    India - Another trendy one, but not as bad as some. I think you could get away with this one, especially since it has celeb cred (with celebs who aren't nutso)
    Jemima - I know this is growing in popularity, but I cannot not think of Aunt Jemima.
    Kennedy - Maybe this is because I live in the Northeast US where the Kennedys are still treated like they poo gold nuggets, but I really can't stand this one.
    Lacey - Very 1980s. Not sure it is ready for a comeback, though I don't think Lacey is bad, persay.
    Lara - Not terrible, but not particularly inspiring either.
    Liberty - Ugh.
    Lyla - I'm not a huge fan of Ys where they don't need to be. Much prefer Lila for the spelling, though I see you would pronounce that differently...
    Mollie - I don't dislike Molly, but the ie makes it too sticky sweet.
    Morgan - I've heard this one too much.
    Sienna - Another that feels a bit trendy to me.
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    Names I Would Promptly Remove From Your List

    - Allegra
    - Fallon
    - India
    - Liberty
    - Poppy
    - Rowan

    (Most of these ones just seem trendy/tacky to me, which is something Teen Moms are infamous for. So.)
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