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    I think you're int he clear. Something being contemporary/popular doesn't automatically make it trashy or pathetic - Kennedy, Morgan, or Sienna are at the modern-est fringe, and they're all totally reasonable.

    You mentioned your MIL giving you opinions. For your own sake, DO NOT TELL HER ANYTHING ELSE ABOUT YOUR NAMING DECISION PROCESS! Keep it between yourself and DH and anonymous strangers on the net!
    well, my fiance has 4 younger sisters 8-14, so I often ask them about names they hear at school a lot, to see what's currently popular (which, yes, names like Emma, Leah, and Claire are pretty, but they're also as common as Ashley and Emily once were), and his mother wanted to help, so I allowed her, for the most part, she was a great help, but she's more old-fashioned I think. His sisters all have classic names.


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