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Thread: Part Three...

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    Part Three...

    I know I'm posting way too many of these way too often, but remember, my list is LONG, and if I only did these once every day or two days, I'd never get through the list.

    21. Delores
    22. Liberty
    23. Mimosa
    24. Arietta
    25. Sunflower
    26. Esperanza
    27. Kalani
    28. Sandy
    29. Anita
    30. Rejoice
    31. Roberta
    32. Charlotte Sue
    33. Jersey
    34. Ivory
    35. Ruby
    36. Serenade
    37. Calliope
    38. Chloe

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    I love...

    Charlotte Sue - not sure about the Sue but I do love Charlotte

    I like...


    Mn's Only

    Delores - I do prefer the Dolores spelling


    All the best,

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    21. Delores - I think of Umbridge from Harry Potter, not a nice association.
    22. Liberty - Maybe as a middle name.
    23. Mimosa - I think of the cocktail honestly.
    24. Arietta - I've never heard of it but I kind of like it. It's like an extra frilly Aria. (I prefer Aria but Arietta is quite cool. It's growing on me by the second.)
    25. Sunflower - as a middle name. I personally like floral names that don't have the word flower in them. I'm not sure why.
    26. Esperanza - I don't like it but I don't hate it either.
    27. Kalani - Cute.
    28. Sandy - Grease is the word. (Not a bad association)
    29. Anita - Not my style but not a bad name.
    30. Rejoice - Don't like this.
    31. Roberta - Don't like this much either.
    32. Charlotte Sue - I like Charlotte. Not really Sue.
    33. Jersey - I think Shore.
    34. Ivory - Not terrible.
    35. Ruby - I like this.
    36. Serenade - I prefer Serena. I don't really like verb names. When you call a name it sounds like you're telling them what to do instead of calling a name.
    37. Calliope - I like this.
    38. Chloe - I like this but it's become pretty popular recently.
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    Delores -- Not a fan.
    Liberty -- Okay
    Mimosa -- Though also a tree, it's commonly associated with the very popular cocktail. I have a feeling that would be people's main association. I love Liliosa -- similar vibe.
    Arietta -- Love, love. On my long list.
    Sunflower -- cute middle.
    Esperanza -- lovely, but would need heritage / connection to back it up.
    Kalani -- cute, but would need some heritage / connection to use personally.
    Sandy -- Not a fan.
    Anita -- I have a cousin with this name. She's lovely. I like it.
    Rejoice -- I know this only as a word and the name of a boat, so it doesn't work for me. Again, can't get past the fact that it's a verb.
    Roberta -- a little frumpy. Though I know a couple girls that go by Bobbie with this name and find it so cute.
    Charlotte Sue -- Cute but a little … backwoods…as a double fn.
    Jersey -- No. I don't mind that it's a place name. I do mind that it's the name of a type of shirt. It also just doesn't sound that great on the ears. As a middle with the right intention to back it up.
    Ivory -- It could work I guess. If anything, I prefer it as a middle.
    Ruby -- More wearable than Ivory.
    Serenade -- I know a girl with this name so it could work. I like it better in theory, not so much the way it actually sounds.
    Calliope -- Not a fan of "-ope" names personally, but it's very wearable and a lot of people love it.
    Chloe -- cute, and chic in a way.

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    21. Delores- I hate Delores because of Harry Potter.
    22. Liberty- It's ok. maybe a middle name.
    23. Mimosa- It's ok, but I'm not a fan.
    24. Arietta- My favorite from your list.
    25. Sunflower- Eh, a bit to disconnected. I wouldn't use it.
    26. Esperanza- I like it!
    27. Kalani-Pretty!
    28. Sandy-I wouldn't use it, but it's not terrible
    29. Anita-It's ok
    30. Rejoice- Do not like.
    31. Roberta-Not my style
    32. Charlotte Sue- I like Charlotte, but not Sue
    33. Jersey- I personally wouldn't name my kid after what you wear to play sports.
    34. Ivory- Not a fan
    35. Ruby- I like it!
    36. Serenade- Pretty, but probably just a middle name.
    37. Calliope- Not wild about it, but I know an adorable little girl who's name is Calliope, and the NN Callie is cute.
    38. Chloe- Common, but cute!
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