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    Thoughts on the name Kaia?

    What do you think of the name Kaia?

    Do you think people will have trouble pronouncing it? Can anyone think of any way that a girl could be teased for that name in school?

    We have a son named Mason - do you think the two names are too different from one another to be a sibset?

    Thanks for any feedback!

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    I really like the sound of the name
    I do work with a Maori man called this, but have always thought it has quite a feminine sound to it.
    He pronounces it KAY-a (so it sorta rhymes with player) but if I hadn't heard the name before I'd probably say it KIE-a (sorta rhymes with liar), although in both cases emphasis is on first syllable with a soft ah at the end.

    I think it does sound a bit more exotic than Mason, but not outrageously so, it could work fine as a sibset

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    Kaia's a beautiful name.

    People shouldn't have trouble pronouncing it, it rhymes with Maia which is pretty popular. I'm not sure how Kaia would get teased for her name.

    Mason and Kaia go well together.
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    Kaia has been a favorite name of mine for years, although I go back and forth between the spelling Caia and Kaia.

    There are going to be pronunciation troubles with almost every name. I know a Kylie that's been called Kaylee multiple times; a Maisie who has been called My-zee and my friend Zoe has been called Zo by half the substitute teachers. With the rise of Kai, I don't think you'd have that much of a problem.

    I don't see any problem with teasing, and I think Mason and Kaia/Kaia and Mason is a fairly good sibset. Kaia does ride on the trendy side, and so does Mason, so both names go surprisingly well together.
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    Love Kaia! I think Mason and Kaia are fine, definitely not too different. I love Kaia's meaning "pure", and I think it's very accessible, and I'm sure a child could be teased for just about anything these days, but I can't think of anything teaseworthy about Kaia.
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