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    My SO's taste in girls' names is the opposite of mine, HELP?!

    I'm sure many people have this issue, but I'm at a bit of a loss right now. My SO and I are mostly in agreement on boys' names; we like Duncan, Casper, Wyatt, Waylon... there are a few more. We've already decided that all children will have have two middle names, most likely one for a family member and one that has a personal significance to us as a couple. However, our tastes in girls' names are at opposite ends of the spectrum. I like noun and "old lady" names (as he calls them) like Juniper, Imogen, Louisa, Greta, Matilda, Clementine, Winter, etc. He likes names that were popular in the late 80s/early 90s: Hannah, Amanda, Shannon, Kylie, Hilary... you get the idea. Can anyone think of a way to meld these together? Any suggestions?

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    How about go onto a site like and type in your boys names and see what girls names go with them? My hubby and I had the SAME issue. He is soooo conservative. But in the end I am so glad with the name we chose and I am sure you will be too. It does feel better to meet half way!
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    What about something classic like Elisabeth, Catherine, or Margaret with a cute nickname? Those are the only names I can really imagine on both of your lists because they're timeless.

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    I like the suggestion of classics like Elizabeth, Katherine, etc. I also think it might help to figure out what it is about those names he they remind him of girls he liked growing up? Could her maybe be persuaded to use a name with another positive association, like a book or movie character or musician you both enjoy?

    Perhaps you can find names that have that old fashioned charm but feel a bit more modern/familiar for your partner? Something like Annabel seems appropriate, because it is quaint, has a long history, but also has a very familiar feel that is very wearable (and similar to his pick of Hannah). Along those lines, maybe:
    Miranda instead of Amanda (either could be Mandy, but Miranda is Shakespearean and not so dated)
    Charlotte instead of Shannon (both have that soft sh sound)
    Molly, Ivy, Lucy, Annie, Maisie, Poppy, Lily, Evie, Ruby, Katie, Daisy, etc. instead of Kylie
    Felicity, Meredith, Evelyn, Vivian, Hadley, Melody, Emily, Samantha, Sally, Suzy, Wendy, etc for Hilary?

    Also, what about Holly, Autumn, Summer, Amber, etc? Word names that were popular alongside Shannon and Amanda, something for both of you?

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    What about something like Laura. A name that has constantly hung around the top 200 but hasn't gotten much popular. Therefore it hits that more "vintage" vibe you like, but was also technically a semi popular name in the 80s..that he likes.

    Not saying that Laura is necessarily your style. But choosing a name like that, that has never been too popular, but also has never not been popular might work.

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