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Thread: Your Other Name

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    I'm Ashley. I'm not sure what I would have been if I was a boy--my parents never really narrowed down either list beyond a top 3 or so before I was born. Andrew Michael, Charles [something] "Charlie", and Matthew Levi/Levi Matthew were their top options. Which I find more interesting than their choices for a girl, though--Ashley, Alexandra, and Jennifer. I'm not a boy, so I'm not sure what I would have thought of those, but, in general, I like those just about as equally as Ashley. I like Ashley quite a bit, and I've LOVED Matthew in the past, and Charlie is currently on my list. I used to hate Andrew, but I've grown to appreciate it (not the nns, though! I'm not sure I'll ever like Andy or Drew), and I think it's classic and handsome. I think I would have liked being any of them. My parents liked fairly popular names, but so do I, so I don't mind especially. I think if I were a guy, I would have been a pretty cool Charlie, if my dad could have ever gotten behind it. For some reason, it was on "their" list, not just my mom's list, but my dad says to this day that he hates Charlie.

    Honestly, though, I probably would have ended up being John Robert, III, which my brother is. My mom made my dad vow before they got married that she wouldn't have a John, III, she hated the idea of a "jr", and my dad agreed, but when my brother was born and she saw the look on his face, she knew she had to give him a John Robert. It's adorable, really. I would have hated being a John, though! For years my dad and I didn't get along and I would have hated sharing a name with him, plus, there's like 15 Johns in my family tree. If I could have opted for Jack instead of Johnny like my brother almost did, though, I think I would have hated it less. I adore Jack.
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    I would have been called Stash.
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    My name is Rebecca Lynn. If I was a boy, my name would have either been Jonathan or Eric Robert.
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    I'm Ebony Eden, though I was meant to be Jasmine Helena. If I was a boy, I was going to be Luke William Anthony. William after my dad and paternal grandpa, Anthony after my maternal grandpa and paternal step-grandpa.

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    I'm Jasmine Lee (obviously) but I could have been a Jasmine Maree (and I'm glad I'm not) or, for a boy, Daniel something. My brother is Thomas Quinn (which I love) and he would have been Savannah. My other brother is Jacob Levi and he would have been a Savannah or Helena Anne.
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