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Thread: Your Other Name

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    A Town Called Alice
    I would have been called Samuel.
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    Jennifer Elizabeth, would have been Christopher David (David is my dad's name).

    My sister is Karen Elaine, she would have been Ryan David. Brother is Michael David, he would have been Lori Lynne (blech).

    Funny, DH is Andrew Leonard and would have been Jennifer Eileen (Eileen is his mothers mn) which I think is funny since my name is very close.

    As for my kids (in case you are wondering...)

    Seb: Most likely, Bronwen Eliza
    Bronwen: Most likely Peregrine Silas but I also liked Atticus Leo and wanted to see what "baby looked like"
    Linus: Alethea Maryann "Thea". Maryann is my grandmothers name.
    Vio: Ansel Arden or August Arden.
    Wolfie: Blythe Maren Evangeline (Maren to honor Maryann and Karen, Evangeline to honor grandmothers mn's Ann and Eileen as well as ggrandmother Evelyn)
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    Linus Ezra Graham (9/06)
    Violet Leona (1/09) and
    Wolfgang Levi (3/13)
    Always missing our Felix Emmanuel (10/10-10/10)

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    I would have been Curtis (Dad's pick) or Anthony, nn Tony (Mom's pick). I think they are both pretty usable. Especially for the early 80s when I was born.
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    My parents gave me a made up middle name--Kachel, pronounced like Michelle. I recently decided to adopt the Celtic pronunciation for Cashel (Kay-shel) , for the name that means castle or stone fortress. It's a boys name in that sense, but I can live with it.

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    I'm Kathryn Suzanne. If I had been a boy, I guess I would be named James Michael since that's my twin brother's name. If we had both been boys, I don't know. I doubt my parents even thought about names until they knew what genders we were, except my first name. My mom always want to name a daughter Catherine after her grandmother (my dad changed the spelling, though, but she was okay with that). I imagine it would be another family name. Suzanne is my aunt's middle name and James and Michael are two of my uncles' middle names. That only leaves one uncle and my dad's middle names unused. So, Ford Lewis or Lewis Ford? Okay, I doubt that. My dad hates his middle name (and first name for that matter). I have no clue what they would have called me. LOL!

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