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Thread: Your Other Name

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    Your Other Name

    So I have one question- what would you have been named if you were of the opposite gender? I always love finding this out, it's like someones secret name Also, which do you like better

    I'm a Siobhan, but if I was a boy, I would have been Owen. I like Siobhan better.

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    I'm an Emily, but would have been Ian, which I like but probably isn't a name I would choose myself. I kind of feel the same way about Emily, it's nice, and I like it better than a lot of other names that were popular in the '80's, but I would have loved to be Emmeline instead.

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    I think I was going to be named Thomas if I was a boy. I like my real name and my other name equally.

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    I'm Freya, and if I was a boy I would've been Liam. I like Liam a lot, though it's not my favorite name. It ended up being my brother's middle name (his first is Matthew) and I might use it as a son's middle someday too!
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    I’m a Jessica, would have been a Cooper
    My brother Robert would have been Heather

    Heather and Cooper actually make a cute sibset, haha

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