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Thread: Your Other Name

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    My name's Erykah Dreme, if I was a boy, I'd be Christopher Michael. Erykah Dreme is such a yooneek name (but I love it), but Christopher and Michael are such common names (especially in 97, my birth year). Idg my parents.
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    I would have been named Mark, which is my dad's middle name.
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    I am a Stephanie, but I would have been a Matthew Walter. Matthew my parents just liked, and Walter after my mother's father who passed a few years before my birth. Stephanie and my middle name Elizabeth have no family meaning, they just liked them both.
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    I would have been a Brandon. My sister would have been an Alexander. I actually like Alexander, but Brandon isn't really my style.

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    I'm Taylor Louise and had I been a boy my name would have been Tyler Mitchell. I much prefer Taylor Louise to Tyler Mitchell. I like Tyler but prefer it in the middle and Mitchell just isn't my style.
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