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Thread: Your Other Name

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    I was named Margaret Cynthia after my grandmothers, and had I been a boy, the plan was to name me Charles Dominic after my grandfathers. I say "plan", because by the time I was born, I had cousins named Charles on both sides of the family, so Charles was out as a middle name. To replace it, my mother liked James (Dad's name), but Dad didn't want a junior and thought they should stick with the original plan of honoring both grandfathers and go with Grandpa Charles's middle name Thomas. They probably would have gone with Thomas Dominic in the end since Dad was so opposed to James, but I know that Mom refers to the baby she miscarried a few years later as J.D for James Dominic.
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    If I had been a boy, my name would have been either Charles "Charlie", Jackson "Jack", or Logan.

    I definitely prefer Zoie (though Logan was almost my middle name). But I do like Charles and Jack as middle names.
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    I probably would have been a Roger Perry, which is what my brother is named. Though I'm sure my mother would have fought tooth and nail to have Jeremy in consideration.
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    I'm an Ashley, but I would have been a Tyler had I been a boy.
    Both names are in the top 5 for my birth year, so my parents (I'm pretty sure it was all my mom though) liked popular names.
    I remember seeing a video of when my mom was pregnant, and she said that to the camera, that 'this is either Ashley or Tyler.'
    It's always something I remember so strongly, and I was pretty young when I saw that; and it got deleted later on.

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    I'm Sarina (Serena). If I was a boy, I would've been Jacob. That's now my little brother's name.

    I like my name better, it's not as popular as Jacob (My poor brother, haha), and it suits my personality more
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