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    Question Looking for a name for a wealthy character

    I'm on the hunt for a wealthy sounding name for one of my male characters. I've looked at almost every single name imaginable and nothing seems to fit or sound right.

    This characters last name is Wentworth (might have to change the surname if I can't find anything that flows with the last name) and this character is named after his father and grandfather (so he's a III). I want him to be named after his father and grandfather but I also want him to have some kind of a nickname or something so he can go by a different name. I also want the name to have an old feel to it especially considering he's named after his father and grandfather.

    Does anyone have any possible wealthy sounding name suggestions for my character?

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    Walter Wentworth - Wally, Wall
    John Wentworth -Johnny, Jack
    George Wentworth
    Oscar Wentworth - Oz
    Alfred Wentworth - Alf, Alfie
    Howard Wentworth - Howie
    Paul Wentworth - Paulie
    Oliver Wentworth
    Bruce Wentworth
    Christopher Wentworth - Chris, Topher
    Clarence Wentworth - Clare
    Ashley Wentworth - Ash
    Balthazar Wentworth
    Ebenezer Wentworth - Ben
    Solomon Wentworth

    And since he's a III, his nickname could be Tripp.
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    Well, in what time period was his grandfather named? And where are they from/heritage/race/whathaveyou? A classic Irish name vs a classic German name vs a classic French name.


    After a touch of research, I found this:

    Last name origins & meanings:

    English: habitational name from places in Cambridgeshire and South Yorkshire called Wentworth, probably from the Old English byname Wintra meaning ‘winter’ + Old English worð ‘enclosure’. It is, however, also possible that the name referred to a settlement inhabited only in winter. Compare Winterbottom.
    William Wentworth came from Rigsby, England, to Exeter, NH, in 1639. Benning Wentworth (1696–1770) and his nephew John Wentworth (1737–1820) were both colonial governors of NH.

    So, there's that. It's English. So, English names. So, names.

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