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    Which middle for Emilia?

    We are having a hard time deciding between three middle name combos for Emilia. I want something to honor my side of the family since Charlie's honors DH's side. So, here are the options:

    Emilia Grace Coinne- For a while we thought this was it but Grace just seems so overused. It doesn't honor family and it just feels like a filler to me now. Corinne is a family name.
    Emilia Hope Corinne- I have a thing for virtue names. This was thought up to replace Grace and I like it! Hope is significant to us but Emilia Hope Corinne seems so frilly and feminine. I want something strong.
    Emilia Ruby Corinne- The current front runner. Ruby is both my mom and my birthstone. I like the fiery image Ruby gives off and I think it goes well with the other two names.

    Thoughts? She will go by Millie most of the time as we adore the nickname but I don't mind the flow of Millie (or Mila) with the flow of her middle name.


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    Emilia Grace is very pretty, but if it feels like a filler to you there's no reason to keep it on the list. It's just as feminine as Hope, but Emilia Hope Corinne is less expected.

    That said, it sounds like Ruby has the most personal significance. Ruby Corinne strikes me as fiestier and more vintage than Emilia, but altogether it works.
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    I actually like the sound of both Emilia Hope Corinne and Emilia Ruby Corinne better than Emilia Grace Corinne. The fact that Hope and Ruby both have personal connections, while Grace does not seals the deal for me, personally.

    The quality of hope is very strong in my mind, and I find the word is both phonetically and semantically unfrilly. Still, between Hope and Ruby, my preference would be for Ruby - it feels more upbeat and happy. As they're both beautiful, I think you should go with the one with more personal resonance to you.
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    Emilia Ruby Corinne gets my vote.

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    I don't think you could go wrong with either Emilia Hope Corinne or Emilia Ruby Corinne. I prefer Hope to Ruby personally, but I love the significance Ruby has for you. I too have entertained the thought of using a birthstone to honor my mother, I think it's a great idea. I'm sure it will have great meaning to your little girl that she is connected to you and your mother by a meaningful namesake.
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