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    Gianna - meh. Sorry. I adore Giovanna, but I just can't manage to get behind Gianna. It's an Italian diminutive, and unfortunately, it comes across as tacky Italian, like Jersey Shore. It feels fairly trendy to me, as well. I adore the old-fashioned Italian Giovanna for a full name, though, and I think Gianna could be a nice nn, or even go straight to Gia.

    Lillian - adore! It's classic, it's beautiful, it's feminine, it's not so overly frilly that a tomboy couldn't handle it. It's perfect! I love meeting Lillians.

    Shelby - meh, quite dated to me, personally. Next thought is to laugh, because I've been catching up on Hart of Dixie lately, and there's a very weird, eclectic Shelby on the show.

    Olivia - first thought? Grin like an idiot, lol. I adore Olivia! It's on my personal top three. I adore the connections to peace and Shakespeare, and I love the nns Olive and Liv/Livy. It's so sweet and yet it ages so well--it feels like a modern classic to me, even though a lot of people say they're tired of hearing it. I would be tickled pink to have a little Olivia one day. Then again, Twelfth Night is my favorite Shakespearean play, and probably one of my top 5 literary works ever, so it doesn't surprise me that I love it so much.

    Olivia and Lillian are my favorites!
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    Gianna - Cute for certain people. This names screams Italian to me.
    Lillian - Love this name, so sweet sounding, even if it's pretty popular.
    Shelby - For a personal reason, I strongly dislike this name. I can't judge it without thinking of that reason, so I have no true opinion of it.
    Olivia - Is a very cute name, and has a lot of nicknames. Via, Liv, Olive, etc.
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    Gianna - is cute but also sounds pretty Italian. Which I think is fine if you have an Italian background, but if you don't it might seem strange to family and friends...
    Lillian - Classic.
    Shelby - sounds very 90s to me.
    Olivia - its cute, but also trendy right now.

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    Gianna- Beautiful. Italian, yes, but it doesn't *have* to be used only by people with Italian heritage.
    Lillian- Very pretty and sweet. Lily is pretty popular at the moment though.
    Shelby- This is probably my favorite from your list because it's pretty, but not heavily used at the moment.
    Olivia- Such a beautiful name, but it's so overused right now, I'd probably steer clear. Unless you can't love anything else.

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    If you love Gianna, I wouldn't hesitate to use it anyway. I think it IS a beautiful name.
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