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Thread: Morrison?

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    Question Morrison?

    What are your thoughts on the name Morrison Christopher?
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    Dec 2012
    I like it, but I think I might prefer the flow of Christopher Morrison better.

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    May 2013
    I've never heard the name Morrison, but the more I think about it, the more I like it. It sounds very laid-back to me, and that adds a sort of cool factor, cowboy-feel to the name. I've never liked Christopher though, so here's a few other combos I like:

    Morrison Wesley
    Morrison Clay
    Morrison Lucas
    Morrison Jacob
    Morrison Ryder
    Morrison Miles
    Morrison Otto
    Morrison Archer
    or basically any names from or
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    Feb 2013
    I prefer Christopher Morrison.

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    I LOVE the name Morrison. It evokes some greats in music.
    Christopher seems all wrong with it though. I would go for a shorter middle to even out the flow a bit.
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