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    Sailor? Weylin? MacLeod?

    I am 30 weeks pregnant with our second little boy.
    Our first son's name is Finn Wilde. We have a two syllable Irish last name that begins with M.

    I really like the name Sailor Yeats for baby boy #2. We wanted to do another author's last name for the middle name, and I like the way Yeats sounds (pronounced Yates, as in William Butler Yeats).

    But I haven't had a very positive response to Sailor. What do you think?

    We also like the name Weylin, as it keeps with the celtic/irish name theme, and MacLeod (pronounce Muh-Cloud) but we would call him Mac.

    Does a two syllable first name sound too redundant with our two syllable last name?

    Would a one syllable name be better?

    Some ideas:

    Rhys (pronounced Reese)

    Opinions would be greatly appreciated! We are really having trouble with this one!

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    I don't care for Sailor. I like Weylin (prefer Waylon or Wayland) and love MacLeod (though it might be sing-songy with your two-syllable M surname). I actually think a two-syllable name would work best if you want to use Yeats as the middle.
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    I love Sailor and like MacLeod. So-so on Weylin. And your author-inspired mn's are great!

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    Though I prefer Sailor on a girl, I love it for either. Sailor Yeats is fabulous. That said, McLeod makes a more cohesive sibset with Finn.
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    Sailor, Weylan and MacLeod don't really grab me. Sailor Yeats sounds like a title for a naval officer rather than a person's name. It also is kind of themey with Finn (do you happen to like sailing and fishing? ). Weylan Yeats has a repetive "ay" sound and MacLeod Yeats would be a great name for a law firm. Since both Finn and Wilde are one-syllable, I'm loving the sound of Jack Yeats as a sibling. Second choice would be Luke Yeats. I like the name Rhys but it shares an "s" ending with Yeats so the flow isn't ideal.
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