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Thread: Isla?

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    Yay! Thanks for the feedback and stories. It's funny because normally I would prefer a name not to be popular, but in this case, it seems the more popular it gets the less of a problem the pronunciation and spelling issue will be.

    I talked to dh about it last night and he's not super sold yet. The silent S is causing him angst. He says when he pictures the name, he wants to say Is-la. But apparently, he's ok with the Eila spelling because he's familiar with and knows how to pronounce Eileen. So for right now, I think we are putting Isla / Eila on the list... and I'm crossing my fingers that he gets a little more used to the Isla.

    I swear he thinks I'm torturing him on purpose, but I truly just want to find the perfect name for the baby. Eliza and Hazel are ok for me, but something is missing.

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    I have never met an Isla or heard of anyone using that name in my area. I think Isla Katherine or Isla Kate is gorgeous! I will say that Eliza is one of my favorite girls names and you can't go wrong with it.

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    I love Hazel June. Isla used to be my girl name about 5 years ago but it has gotten SO trendy...and if it not Isla, it's Kyla, Skyla, Lila, Myla - which just sound too similiar to keep Isla as a special, unique name.

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