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Thread: Isla?

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    I have an Isla June, and I still love her name! We've heard of other Islas but have only met one- we get just as many people saying they've never heard of the name before as people who say they know an Isla (my elderly next door neighbor's mother was named Isla, interestingly). I think those of us who frequent sites like Nameberry think names like Isla are super popular, when in the general population they aren't, at least in the US. We do get some pronunciation issues (on her birth announcement, we included a paragraph with her name "story" since it's kind of unique, along with the pronunciation so at least the people in her extended family would know how to pronounce it), but at least once we tell people it's basically like island without the -nd they get it. And, I don't actually mind Ees-la or Is-la anyway so it doesn't bother me. My husband was super against names that weren't immediately obvious how to say at first, but I gave him the choice between our final 2 names and he picked Isla (although as I've mentioned, there's a story behind it so I'm sure that swayed it a bit). I think Isla perfectly fits my girl's personality, and I'm really happy with my choice. If you like it, go for it! (unless you're in my school district

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    I love Isla! I strongly considered it for my daughter. I've met one who spells it Isla, her parents told me some people don't know how to pronounce it at first but it doesn't seem to have been a huge problem. I know another who spells it Ila.

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    I love Isla Kate, Isla June, and Eliza June. IKS? Nope, not a problem.
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    It's my name! Good choice x

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    Isla is very pretty. As some other post mentioned it is much more popular in Australia. Well, maybe when I live! I know 4 girls named Isla. Two under 5, A teenager and a girl in her 20s. There is no issue here as to how to pronounce it. Isla Fisher was a well known Australian actress in a popular soapie when I was growing up (before she hit the movies in the US) so people were very aware of the name.

    I actually love Isla Katherine from you list! No problems with your initials!!
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