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Thread: Isla?

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    I love all three names (Isla, Eliza, Hazel), and I think they're all in a sweet spot of well-known enough but not too popular. I know they all get props here on Nameberry, but I don't know any kinds with those names in real life. I am sure some people would have prn probs with Isla, but I think it is becoming a more recognized/known name in the States, and shouldn't be a real issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by p.pie View Post
    Thanks for the feedback so far! I ran it past Dh and he didn't say no... which is a good sign. I told him to let it percolate in his mind for a bit. He did immediately ask me if we could spell it differently, to which I said "hmm, maybe, let me see what I can find..." but there's really no other way to spell it that would make sense to me.

    I'm glad to hear that it's not as popular in real life as it is on nameberry, from what I've read so far. I gather it is much more popular in Australia and Great Britain than the US.
    I believe Ayla is pronounced the same as Isla, and I actually liked it a lot.... until I made the association with Kayla, and realized ppl would say it that way all the time.
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    If you love it, I say go for it. I may be biased though - my daughter is Isla Noelle. And I haven't regretted the decision once! Most people haven't heard it when I tell them (we're in Alberta, Canada), but it's often complimented. The pronunciation does throw some people off if they read the name first, but I find once you correct them they feel pretty silly (and will remember from then on out!) It's not like that letter structure is unfamiliar to our language either (island, aisle).

    I like Isla Kate.

    Good luck!

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    I definitely like that it feels a bit more modern than my other choices. I have this love/hate thing with older names. There is something refreshing about Isla that feels somewhere between new and old

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    Just bumping for more thoughts on the name -

    And since my last name starts with an S, do you thing the initials IKS or ICS (Kate or Cate) would be a problem? After sleeping on it a day, I'm liking Isla a lot more and feeling like it could be a real contender

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