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Thread: Isla?

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    Just wondering what the consensus is on Isla?

    I previously have dismissed it because it seemed really trendy, but I have to say... it seems to be leveling off a bit in trendiness. I haven't heard it mentioned as much as in the past couple of years, and it's hovering around the same popularity as one of my other choices: Eliza.

    I have no idea if Dh will even go for it (he doesn't do well with non-intuitive pronunciations, but is teach-able. Though he can't prn. "aloe" correctly to save his life. Weirdo.), which leads me to my next question - is it popular enough now that the pronunciation is less of an issue in the US? It seems obvious to me.

    I like that it's very different than our other choices - softer, breathier and more feminine. But still a bit quirkier than Ella, Bella, Ava, Lila, etc.

    Definite top choices are:

    Eliza June
    Hazel June - dh's fav., but still a bit harsh to my ear.

    and I'm still waiting for "the one" to strike me.

    Isla June?
    Isla Kate?
    Isla Katherine?

    Thanks for thoughts in advance!

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    I really like Isla Kate!!! Too cute I also like Lila from your list. I say go for it. If you still question it here are some others you may like


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    I love the name Isla! I have only met 2; one is my cousin who is quite a bit younger than me (I think she's 6 now) and one went to college with me (so she's about 26). I don't think this name is all that popular/trendy, it just gets a lot of notice on Nameberry. I think it has become familiar enough that most people will know how to pronounce it, plus it's like the word "island" so it seems fairly intuitive to me anyway.

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    I love it too. I hear it a lot on nameberry but I've never met one in the US. I like Isla June and Isla Kate. I have Isla Maeve currently in my sig.

    I would worry about pronunciation a bit. Most people have heard of Isla Fisher, a lot who have seen it only in print and who know basic spanish would think it's pronounced ees-la. I wouldnt let that deter you though! I think it is becoming more familiar in the US, while remaining distinct.
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    Thanks for the feedback so far! I ran it past Dh and he didn't say no... which is a good sign. I told him to let it percolate in his mind for a bit. He did immediately ask me if we could spell it differently, to which I said "hmm, maybe, let me see what I can find..." but there's really no other way to spell it that would make sense to me.

    I'm glad to hear that it's not as popular in real life as it is on nameberry, from what I've read so far. I gather it is much more popular in Australia and Great Britain than the US.

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