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    Just wondering what the consensus is on Isla?

    I previously have dismissed it because it seemed really trendy, but I have to say... it seems to be leveling off a bit in trendiness. I haven't heard it mentioned as much as in the past couple of years, and it's hovering around the same popularity as one of my other choices: Eliza.

    I have no idea if Dh will even go for it (he doesn't do well with non-intuitive pronunciations, but is teach-able. Though he can't prn. "aloe" correctly to save his life. Weirdo.), which leads me to my next question - is it popular enough now that the pronunciation is less of an issue in the US? It seems obvious to me.

    I like that it's very different than our other choices - softer, breathier and more feminine. But still a bit quirkier than Ella, Bella, Ava, Lila, etc.

    Definite top choices are:

    Eliza June
    Hazel June - dh's fav., but still a bit harsh to my ear.

    and I'm still waiting for "the one" to strike me.

    Isla June?
    Isla Kate?
    Isla Katherine?

    Thanks for thoughts in advance!

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