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    This middle name for Mabry?

    I've been trying to come up with a middle name for Mabry and I recently thought of Mabry Clementine. What are everyone's thoughts on it? Are there any other suggestions as a middle name for Mabry? Thanks!

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    How do you pronounce Mabry? I grew up in Austin, Texas and there's a military installation there, Camp Mabry. The name there is pronounced May-bree. I like Mabry Clementine because of the Clementine, but Mabry will work with almost anything as long as it's not another -EE ending name.

    Other possibilities:

    Mabry Caroline
    Mabry Charlotte
    Mabry Delilah
    Mabry Felice
    Mabry Josephine
    Mabry Louise
    Mabry Rose
    Mabry Roxanne
    Mabry Sarah
    Mabry Tess
    Mabry Vivian

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    I pronounce Mabry like may-bree. Thanks for your opinions and suggestions! I really like Mabry Charlotte. Ohh Mabry Tess is awesome too! That is definitely something I really like!

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