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    I really like Mary, Scarlett, and Anneliese! If you like Maisie, but want something more professional maybe you could us Mary Margaret with the nickname Maisie? There are so many other cute nicknames for Margaret too!
    I also think Anneliese with the nickname Annie and Sullivan are adorable for siblings!

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    I really like Mary, on its own, with your surname, with Sullivan.

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    Thanks everybody for the feedback! A bit of a change in plans - I am going to be induced tomorrow!! It looks like the majority preferred Anneliese, Scarlett and Mary or Mary-Wren. I've pretty much narrowed it down to these four, although i cant quite get Clover and Circe out of my head!

    @ Kala_way and peacebird10 - I didn't notice Mary hidden in Amaryllis and I like the idea of having Mary covered and still be able to use another maybe more 'out there' middle! Something for me to think about for sure...

    I appreciate all of the comments and definitely feel better about some of my choices.

    Thanks again!

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