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    From your list I really like Anneliese and Scarlett. Both of them are beautiful names that you shouldn't worry about and both would go great with Sullivan.

    I also really like Amaryllis! It has your Mary, it has a similar uniqueness to Sullivan and it's really beautiful. Then you could use a middle like Wren or Clover. And I even think you could get away with Maisie as a nn! Amaryllis Clover totally gets my vote as a sister for Sullivan Patrick. I don't think it's too much with your last name at all.

    But if you're still not feeling strongly about any of them what about:
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    Mary and Sullivan would be precious! Mary Anneliese?

    I also think Anneliese is a beautiful name! Mary Anneliese or Anneliese Mary gets my vote.
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    - Olympia - cute
    -Scarlett - I like Scarlet, but it seems like you might be "settling" for it, and Sullivan & Scarlett seems a little too matchy to my ears.
    -Mary-Wren - To be blunt, I think it sounds like someone trying to say "Marion/Marianne" with food in their mouth.
    -Mary - I love Mary
    -Amaryllis - I don't think it's too much with your last night but I think it's super frilly-sounding; some people love that vibe, others don't. But 'Mary' is hidden in there as a possible nn.
    -Mazarine - I like Maisie as a stand-alone. This looks too much like "Lazarine" to me.
    -Anneliese - I think this is cute and goes well with Sullivan.
    -Maisie - I can picture this on a professional but I don't think Mary works as a mn.
    -Azalea - I can't picture this on a professional
    -Circe - For me, it's too much of a Game of Thrones connection
    -Clover - I love Clover but I worry it might become the alternative to Chloe like Olive is becoming to Olivia, and I think the style is too far off from Sullivan
    -Everley - I think this is getting too trendy
    -Crimson - it's cute but not "wow" to me

    I saw you like Augustine for a boy. I'd suggest Augusta for a girl. It's one of my favorites, it's known (not weird) but not common, and I think Sullivan & Augusta sound great together! Just my two cents.

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    Since you like Mary and you like Maisie, I would suggest going with Mary, nn Maisie. That way Maisie has a more professional name if she wants it when she's older. As for the middle, I really like some of your bolder names:

    Mary Anneliese
    Mary Olympia
    Mary Azalea
    Mary Clover
    Mary Scarlett
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    I agree with previous posters about Mary: simple, classic, and unusual in the sense that it was so common, it has now become uncommon. I really like Mary Scarlett b/c it is a simple (but beautiful and timeless) FN with a flashy MN. A great combo IMO. Good luck!

    A word about Crimson...I like this name in theory, but I think you would open up a baby girl to a world of teasing. Think of the middle school years and when she gets her period...I shudder to think of what would be said. Just something to ponder before you decide.
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