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    danni Guest
    Scarlett Mary and Sullivan Patrick go very well together! Although Anneliese is very pretty, Anneliese Luh-go-zo is a bit of a mouthful.

    I like Scarlett Mary Wren Luh-go-zo even better!

    Good luck

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    Mary is my favorite from your list! I also like Amaryllis and Scarlett.

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    I quite like Mazarine--what does it mean? You could use Rina or even Nina as a nn. I think a little Nina would be sweet next to Sullivan. Otherwise, I like Anneliese the best. Scarlett is pretty, but I'm a little tired of it.

    Edit: I've just realised that Mazarine doesn't go well with Mary as a mn... any way you'd use another middle?

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    People might disagree with me but every time I see a name like Anneliese or Analisa or Analynn anything with a version of Ann and an L name together I worry about potential bullying from other kids because of the anal part. Maybe a stretch, but I just thought I'd mention it. It really sounds pretty though and otherwise a great name. I like a lot of your names though. I was thinking about Amaryllis but thought it was too lengthy too. Marilla is a shorter version of the name. It doesn't really go with Mary though. I like Scarlett best with the mn Mary. Good luck!!

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    Anneliese is my favorite from your list! How about Garnet, Pearl, Margo, Marin or Susannah?

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