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    Help Please...Baby Due in Less Than 4 Weeks!


    I've posted on here before and received great feedback so I'm at it again! I'm getting very desperate, frustrated and worried...our baby (we do not know gender) is due mid-July. I've posted a similar thread on the boys name forum. I have some names narrowed down but I have issues with almost every one of them. My son's name is Sullivan Patrick and our last name sounds like Luh-go-zo (3 syllables). I LOVE my son's name, and had no doubts naming him whatsoever. With this pregnancy, I haven't fallen in love with any names (boy or girl) yet...
    If we have a girl, her middle name will be Mary. I'm interested in feedback on my names and any other suggestions would be so appreciated.

    Here is the list as it stands now (in no particular order):
    -Olympia - not sure if I would have the guts to go with this one, unsure of potential nicknames, and don't love it...
    -Scarlett - was our number one contender when pregnant with our first and it's since lost some of it's sparkle for me (dh keeps saying, "Let's just go with Scarlett" - so frustrating!)
    -Mary-Wren - Odd combo? Would need a middle name. My grandma's maiden name was Lovis, which I kind of like the sound of for a mn
    -Mary - like that it's common but surprising
    -Amaryllis - too much of a mouthful with my last name being 3 syllables?
    -Mazarine - Sounds too much like Vaseline? Would use the nn Maisie. Would likely need a different mn.
    -Anneliese - like the nn Annie and love the way 'liese' looks. Again, too long with my ln?
    -Maisie - think it might be too nicknamey and can't picture it on a 50 year old professional, but like it a lot
    -Azalea - meh
    -Circe - took nicknamey? Fear pronunciation issues
    -Clover - like this one a lot but bf just had baby named Chloe, plus I'm not sure I'd have the guts to go with it (have heard a lot of cow feedback and comments that it is best left as a pet's name).
    -Everley - too trendy? meh...
    -Crimson - more exciting/modern version of Scarlett?

    Any advice would be appreciated. I feel like I have seen every name out there. I don't want the name to be too obscure, but I also do not like common and/or trendy names. Some of the names I have on my boy list include, Crusoe, Augustine, Jack, Asher, Davis.

    Thanks so much everybody!!

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    Scarlett is a lovely name - really stands out.
    And Annaliese is another favourite of mine - great nickname potential for a little one and the name itself suits a professional.

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    I don't think Circe is too nicknamey and I don't find the pronunciation that hard, not the easiest but not bad either. I also don't think Amaryliss or Anneliese are too long with your surname. You have some beautiful choices. Mary or Mary-Wren are great too. I'd pick one of these mentioned.

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    Anneliese Mary Luh-Go-zo sounds so adorable when you say it all together. Clover is a favorite of mine, and I'm having the same internal struggle with it for #4 (due in august, yet unnamed), but it's so cute to me and doesn't put me in the mind of a cow so much as springtime clover hunting with my older 3. I also adore Everly but i think Anneliese sounds much smoother when put all together.

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    I would probably go with Scarlett or Anneliese. I don't think they're too long with your last name at all, especially with a short middle like Mary. I also really adore the name Mary as a first name. It's classic and refreshing. Mary-Wren is cute, too, but when I imagine it with a middle name as well, it seems like a mouthful. What about first name Mary, middle name Wren, and you can just call her by both? I really like the sound of Mazarine (it doesn't remind me of Vaseline at all...maybe magazine, but that's not so bad), but I've never heard it before, so it seems a little out-there. Maisie is an adorable nickname, but not a stand-alone name in my opinion. All the others I personally think are too much or too trendy.

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