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    Honestly, Anwen and Vera don't go to well together. I love Anwen though
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    I like Anwen a lot and I like it with Vera too.

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    Anwen is beautiful, and I think it would fit with your first daughter's name. Winnie is also really sweet for a name or nickname.
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    Anwen is a beautiful match for Vera if you ask me. I quite like it with Faye....Vera Elaine and Anwen Faye. I find them pretty and calm-feeling

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    Lightbulb Thoughts on Anwen

    If you want to stay Welsh - you could go Anwen Cerys (said as CARE-is).

    I'm biased to Genevieve ... my little one is Genevieve Grace.

    For a first name something like "Ameree" (or pronounced "A-maree"), "Aubery" or "Averee" - (maybe pronounced "A-varee") OR ... "Ava-Maree" - I think - go with "Vera".

    I'm not sure I'm crazy for them - just that they are not super common, could be shortened to "pet-names" and seem (to me) to *sound*/mix well.

    I like Poppy as a name, myself.

    I had twin girls but we didn't find out their gender - so we had to come up with 4 boys and 4 girl's names ... not easy ..... also trying to keep rellies unoffended if left out somewhere.

    Penelope (but as "Penny" from the outset) was a firm favourite.

    Having said all that - I kinda think you have made your choices already .....

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