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    Tara, Jennifer, Kristina, Stephanie, Lindsay..... All name of friends they were not mean girls just name of people born in the early 80's. not sure exactly what time frame your looking for

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    the names I think of when I hear mean girls are:
    and Karen.
    they aren't very popular, but they just sound mean too me.
    Girls: Brigid, Celeste, Cecilia Delphine, Evangeline, Edith,Ellis, Eden, Genevieve, Rebecca, Laurel, Lacey AND MORE!
    Boys: Sebastian, Damien, Christian, Chris, Lucien, Jordan and many more!

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    When I think of mean girls I think of Ebony, Kailey, Jarelle, Chanelle, and India because the worst girls I know have these names

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    As a Louisiana girl- some of the "mean girls" at my school (2008 HS grad)

    But I also know a lot of girls with these names who aren't mean- For a true southern sounding name, I would go for at Least one unique double-name like, Mary Finn, Mary Brennan, Mary Jo, Mary Hartly, etc.
    One "masculine" name- Frankie, Stevie, Bobbie, Jamie, Jordan, Morgan, Blake, Bryn. Duffy, Charlie, Alex etc.
    one long classic name- Victoria, Rosemary, Frances, Caroline, Charlotte, Emily, Elizabeth, Georgia, Alexandra, Etc.
    and one over the top or cutesy nicknamey name- KK, Cici, Coco, Penny, Lulu, Gigi, Mimi, Mimsy, Khaki, Posie, Tinley, Finley, Deedee, Darby, Libby, Liv, Sunny, Ali, Etc.

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    Some amazingly mean girls I knew were Emma, Tammy, Miranda, Jocelyn, and Hailey. Some typical mean girl names would probably be Courtney, Ashley, Brooke, or Tammy.
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