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    38.5 weeks pregnant — and we still don't have a name!

    Hi everyone,

    This is my first time posting, though I've been scouring Nameberry and Appellation Mountain religiously for months. We're expecting our first baby in just a few weeks (days?), and I'm suddenly ambivalent about the names we'd tentatively landed on. We don't know if we're having a girl or boy, so there's an added element of surprise! The baby will take my maiden name (which I kept after marriage; rhymes with "brag") as a middle name, and my husband's last name, a very common, two-syllable, easy to use last name. So we just need one given name, thank goodness; I can't imagine if I had to choose another!

    Here are the contenders so far:

    Family names/names with some significance:
    Susannah (in honor of a grandmother, Susan); nickname would likely be Zan(na), Zuzu, or Suki
    Willa or Wilhelmina (in honor of a brother, William)
    Shepherd (another family name)
    Jack (family name)

    And then there are several that I just can't bear to cross off the list:


    We'd all but decided on Susannah or Jack, but now I'm suddenly getting cold feet. Any thoughts on our list, or names you'd add to the mix? Did anyone else have a last minute panic about names?

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    I LOVE Susannah, and the nicknames you prefer for it. I would definitely go with Susannah over your other choices. Wilhelmina nn Willa is very sweet as well, and I do have a soft spot for Gillian with a hard G. But Susannah is so timeless and rarely heard these days.

    I'm not a big fan of Jack, and not just because it's so popular these days. I've just never liked the sound of it. Abram nn Abe is fantastic, and August is so handsome.

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    I really love Susannah for a girl, it's truly beautiful, has a great meaning and you have some awesome nn picks outed! From your boy choices, it's a toss up for me b/w Shepherd and August, they are both handsome sounding to me.

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    I absolutely LOVE Susannah as well-it's on my list of absolute favorites! I would stick with your first instinct on that one-you have some other very pretty names but IMO none of them compare to Susannah (sweet, pretty, timeless, underused, and also honors a family member for you). I think the nn Zuzu is soooo sweet. I've also seen Sunny as a nn for Susannah, which I think is adorable as well.

    For boys my vote would have to go for either Shepherd nn Shep or August.
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    I love Susannah and as for a boy, Jack and Abram are both very nice.
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