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    Middle Names for Boy starting with J, K, R, W

    Looking for suggestions on boy middle names to coordinate with the first name Torin. Our last name starts with S and has two syllables. Looking for names that can be used as initial nickname i.e. T.J., T.K., T.R., T.W. Names I've come up with so far are...

    Torin Jasper
    Torin Joyner
    Torin Kade
    Torin Kaye
    Torin Keller
    Torin Kendall
    Torin Riley
    Torin Raleigh
    Torin Ransley
    Torin Ridley
    Torin Rowley
    Torin Ryder
    Torin Wade
    Torin Wagner
    Torin Walker
    Torin Wiley
    Torin Wyatt

    Any other suggestions? Thanks.

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