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    ...and Juliet!

    ha ha my name is Sorrel
    Long time name lover...

    DD - Iris Ophelia (2011)
    D? - due August... Peregrine Lyons or Aurelia ?????

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    Updated List...

    Ok so after another discussion with DH the list consists of the following..

    Current Serious Contenders (that feel special in some way):
    Aurelia Lyons
    Aurelia Celandine
    Aurelia Nimue
    Aurelia Fern

    Runners Up ( sound nice but don't feel like I have a real connection to them):
    Aurelia Guinevere
    Aurelia Maeve

    So typical that most people's favourites are the ones I feel aren't significant in any meaningful way! Lyons is a family name, Celandine is a type of buttercup and so she would have a flower fairy picture like Iris plus the beautiful meaning of 'golden buttercup', Nimue has been my favourite name since I first started loving names (along with Iris' middle Ophelia) and Fern I have liked for a long time too (problem is meaning is 'golden fern' which to me would be a dead I reading too much into it?).

    We don't plan on having any more children so I suppose I am feeling like I need to make the most of my last naming opportunity...

    Any other thoughts?
    Long time name lover...

    DD - Iris Ophelia (2011)
    D? - due August... Peregrine Lyons or Aurelia ?????

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    I don't think you can go wrong. You have a lot of beautiful choices. I would stick with something that holds meaning to you, because even if your favorite names change, you will feel connected to the meaningful names forever.
    Aurelia Celandine is my favorite, but my style always leans towards the gorgeous WOW girly girl names that stun.
    I personally would use Lyons if this truly will be your last child and chance and it holds a lot of meaning to you.
    If golden ferns bother you now it will likely bother you later, but I think of golden jewelry in the shape of a fern, rather than an expired plant. Very pretty.
    Will you regret never using Nimue? It's hard to use all the names we love!
    Good luck, like I said before you can't go wrong. You've got wonderful options.

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    I love Aurelia - it's a name with a golden halo. The simpler, less romantic names are the ones that give definition to Aurelia's glow. While Aurelia Nimue rolls off the tongue, it feels sort of like a vague cloud of light. Ditto Aurelia Celandine, only it's slightly more.. celestial. To me, Aurelia Lyons and Aurelia Fern are magical. The family connection to Lyons brings Aurelia down to earth, yet it's a graceful French name. Aurelia Lyons makes me think of big regal lions with golden manes. Aurelia Fern is my favorite. When you say Aurelia it has an unfurling quality that's exactly like how a fern grows. Aurelia Fern is a sunbeam piercing the forest floor.

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    I really like both Aurelia Lyons and Aurelia Lyonesse. How about Aurelia Laudine? It's also Arthurian, the Lady of the Fountain, and the flow is great.

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