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    Aurelia Nimue - I like it in theory, but it is slightly overwhelming, as a previous poster stated.
    Aurelia Arrietty - The repeated "A" sound gives it a caricature feel to me? Like a character in a Disney movie. Also, it's a lot of name!
    Aurelia Artemis - Hmm, not for me. Not sure.
    Aurelia Guinevere - A really beautiful name. I like this one best. My only concern is that Guinevere is an obvious reference, if something like that matters to you.
    Aurelia Lyons - I like it. Very cute. Pronounced with or without the 's' at the end?
    Aurelia Lyonesse - A bit much, in my book.
    Aurelia Fern - Oh, this is just so charming and cute. Quite unexpected.
    Aurelia Maeve - I love it. Very pretty.

    A lovely list.

    Here are a few suggestions, based on what you have thus far and your requirements: Gwendolen, Isolde, Morgaine, Fae/Faye, Lilac, Genevieve, Ceridwen, Oona.

    Good luck to you.

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    I like Aurelia, and I get exactly what you are trying to do! I think Guinevere is the best choice in your list. I am not completely convinced by your middles yet (as it sounds like you aren't either) so here are a few more along those lines:

    Aurelia Isolde
    Aurelia Niamh
    Aurelia Hesper
    Aurelia Nephele
    Aurelia Florence
    Aurelia Celeste

    (I might have more ideas so will come back...)

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