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Thread: Blakely

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    Do you see Blakely as a boy or girl's name?

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    Hmm...Usually, surname names fit boys better but for them there's Blake. To be honest, Blakely is my absolute guilty pleasure, it's the name I just adore on a girl and even tried to consider during pregnancy...So I think it works for both genders, as many trendy names do.

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    I think of Marguerite and Percy Blakely in the Scarlett Pimpernel, so I find it a bit feminine. It's a name I like pretty well, despite its slight androgeny.

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    Apr 2013
    Blakely is one of the names on my girl list. I prefer Blakely for girls over Blake for boys so I definitely think it's for a girl, especially with the -ly ending. There was also a Bachelor contestant named Blakely and she was female so the name is constantly associated with that for me!

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    I knew a Blakeley who was a girl. Personally, though, I don't like the name for either gender.
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