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    Thank you for your suggestions. I like the name Bonnie but its one of my close friends names. I also like Evie, but I prefer Eva. we have a Dutch last name tho ( Van Vliet) and I'm not sure if that's too manny "v" in a name? My Husband has said no to Summer but I rather like it. I have found a name that I have not heard before Sunniva, I pronounce it "sun-eva" again I'm not sure if that is too manny "v" but I like that it gives options like Sunny, Neve, Eva as possible NN or names that she could use if she isn't keen on Sunniva. But I'm not sure if it sounds any good with Penny? I thought it was hard to choose a name the first time...

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    Haley Rae sounds sunny and seems compatible with Penny Lee. Good luck!

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