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    We picked a name the first time around & changed it when we saw him. So we waited till we saw
    #2 and she was nameless for a week and choosing was so hard since we didn't already have a set choice in mind. I say pick 2 or 3 set combos you love and then decide is the best way to go. However, most people I know choose before and the baby always seems to fit the name!!
    Good luck!!!

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    Well, with our last baby, I went to the hospital with three combos in mind... she was born, and I thought for sure her name would just "jump out at me"...People told me, just wait until you see her, you will know... yeah, not so much.. her name never jumped out at me and I agonized for a whole day. Hoping not to ever do that again. With my other children we had decided their names before they were born, they had been referred to as said name, and so when they were born naturally they looked like their name... that is the way I am planning to go this time too... for me it was much easier!
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