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    Nina & Beatrice are two of my favorite names! Beatrix is nice too. I actually considered Nina perfect for a red haired girl. It feels high energy, feisty, spirited, ect to me while Beatrix feels a bit calmer, more elegant, a bit more introspective. I like the idea of waiting to meet baby, but I wouldn't base it off of looks which are quite smushed and misleading at that point! I would base it off of her demeanor & her arrival into the world. She might not have any hair, she might have a bit that will change color or fall out as it sometimes does, eye color will just be that baby dark blue and her skin tone won't be true to color yet even.

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    It's not strange to wait to see the baby before you name her....but you still may not know what she looks like! LOL!

    My husband has red hair and blue eyes. I was born with blonde hair, which has gotten darker over time so now it's light brown, and I have brown eyes. Our daughter was born with a dark brown mohawk (seriously, a mohawk!) Her nurse told me she could see some red in it, but I was sure she was just a brunette. My mom has dark brown hair and so does my husband's mom, so it was totally possible, just not what I expected.

    Over time, it did end up growing redder. It was turning this gorgeous dark auburn color...and then it all fell out. Her "new" hair is strawberry-blonde and curly. It's so beautiful! But it's absolutely nothing like the hair she was born with.

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    Somebody I know had two girl names picked out, one for if she was born with blonde hair and the other if she was born with dark brown hair, the baby was born with dark hair and then as she got older her hair got lighter to blonde. So I wouldn't 100% rely on hair colour as your identifying factor.

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    My eldest daughter was born with olive skin bright blue eyes and blonde hair, now she has pale skin, hazel eyes and brunette hair. My second was born with light skin, light grey/blue eyes and dark hair, now she has olive skin bright blue eyes and strawberry blone hair with red highlights. So their skin colour, eye colour and hair colour at birth are not an indication of what they will be as they grow up. However it's not crazy to wait until you meet you baby before you name her. Lots of people do that, including myself
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    My first looked like he was going to be ginger when he was first born however after a year he is not ginger at all.
    We had a few names planned and waited until he was born to name him though although we had to as we didn't know sex then lol

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