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    39 weeks pregnant- Please comment on our shortlist!

    Hello Berries,

    I am 39 weeks pregnant and expect to go into labour any second- have been having mild contractions for days and our son was a week early. Our 2 year-old son's name is Hank. His full name is actually James Henry, but we always intended to call him Hank and have never used his full name. So we'd like something complimentary for our second child's name, but not too matchy-matchy. We don't know the gender, so I'll be posting this in the Boy Names Forum as well. Here's our shortlist of girl names:

    Mabel Kate
    Ramona Kate
    Ramona July (if she's late)
    Beatrix Elsie
    Beatrix Kate
    Beatrix Diana

    Thoughts? All the middle names have family connections, except for July (obviously). Can you please comment on firsts, as well as which middles work best for flow?


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    Aw, Hank! I love it! With her brothers name, I'd use Mabel Kate, for sure. Hank has that hard "-k" ending and Beatrix has the hard "-x" so they don't flow well, in my opinion. Hank and Ramona go just fine, but Mabel is more unexpected, rustic, and cheerful to me. Therefore, I gotta go with Mabel!
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    I agree. I like Ramona, but Mabel Kate is just beautiful!! I think it goes very well with Hank. Hank and Mabel! Not a fan of Beatrix.

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    I LOVE Ramona Kate. I have a crush on Ramona's awfully cute, and my name is Kate, which I love. So, Ramona Kate is my favorite, by a long shot!

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    I love Beatrix Kate or Ramona July!
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