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    We wait until the baby is born, not to see what they look like as looks change so much, but to see what name we like best when there's actually a baby there to name.

    For DD we were choosing between Calla and Rowan, I half-imagined Rowan to be darker haired and a bit more natural and tomboyish, and Calla to be white blond and pixie-like. My DD was born with a head of black hair and rosebud lips. We decided we liked Calla better and she's kind of grown into it though her hair is now dark blond, she is very girly and pixie-like though she does have an independent tomboyish streak.

    We've kind of got all the kids' names right though they didn't suit them at the beginning. Finn is a rough and tumble, cheeky soul, Aidan is more considered and gentle, but has a fiery streak. I'm worried about this baby as I don't know if we'll get it right. Right now it's between Lyra, Lumi and Wren. I see Lumi as pixie-ish again, white-blond and very clever, Lyra as darker more secretive and serious, and Wren darker, full of energy and tiny but in a more sturdy way, more like Rowan. We'll see what we like most when she's born and hope it suits.
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    You probably won't be able to see that from birth.

    Both my boys had blue eyes at birth (most caucasian babies do). My eldest was blonde and pale like me at birth, my youngest had ginger hair.

    My eldest now has olive complexion, dark brown eyes and light brown hair. My youngest has partial heterocromia (so his eyes are bright blue with golden brown flecks in it) and blonde hair with darker blonde stribes in it.

    But I don't think there's anything wrong with waiting until the baby is born! We had a name chosen for our eldest, but didn't feel he looked like it after we had a 3D scan. We always pick two names - one firm choice, one back up.

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    We had a short listed and my son was going to be James as it was the only named we both agreed on. He was born 6 weeks early and it was clear he was going to be a redhead like me. He just wasn't a James! Eventually after several days we decided he was a Gabriel (Gabe) which is unusual in Scotland and caused a few eyebrows to be raised!
    With our daughter we knew we wanted a classic but decided to wait until she was born. My hubby said as son as he saw her she was an Elizabeth. I had Hannah as a front runner before the birth and its still one of my favourite names but my husband was right. She's not a Hannah and very much an Elizabeth. We won't shorten it until her personality dictates if she is to be a Beth, Lizzie etc. personally I couldn't have a firm name until I had looked at their wee face. It may be weird but they have to kind of tell you their name.
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    Thanks for weighing in! I know eye color can change quite a bit but I still do feel as if, in most cases, if the baby is going to be of darker hair and complexion, you can see that at birth, vs. lighter hair and complexion. This held true for both my sister and I, any way. I guess I'm mostly concerned about matching a name with a ginger-haired baby. I just can't imagine a Nina as a ginger! In any case I think we'll take your advice and have a short-list but wait on seeing her to decide... hmmm I don't believe they do 3-D scans here but that would be helpful, too!

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    Not weird, a lot of parents do that! And Nina is a recent favorite of mine nice pick! And I love the nickname Trixie from Beatrix. And as a baby you could call her Bumble Bea - super cute!
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