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    Waiting until you see what baby looks like to decide on name?!?!

    DH and I are prego with number one. We suffered a miscarriage a couple of months ago and I'm really anxious about the pregnancy but I'm trying to just let lose and enjoy it anyway -- so, in the spirit of that, we're discussing names!

    I have a huge list of names I've been working on for over a year now since before we even started trying. Two of my absolute favorites for girls are Nina and Beatrix (I have a list of MNs too but that's for a different post).

    My question is: Is it weird to want to wait to see what baby looks like to officially decide on a name for him or her?? The main reason I ask is bc DH has red hair and light skin and brown eyes; I'm a brunette with tan skin and green eyes. It's a complete toss up as to what this kid could look like but to me a Nina has always been a darker hair (or at least dirty blonde -- definitely not red) kind of name. Whereas I think Beatrix would be beautiful for auburn-haired little girl. Is it super strange to want to wait to see what color hair the LO has before naming her???

    Thanks berries!

    (Also this is my first time posting and I don't know how to do the nameberry link thing for the names??)

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    Well, what if baby is born with light-colored hair and grows to be brunette?

    For linking names you should put these brackets ->[] and write (name)example(/name)
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    Nameberry will link the name/s for you, its just a bit slow.

    I think if there was any possibility I could biologically produce a not dark-haired, not dark-eyed child I would have two names "just in case" too.
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    Yeah, you won't know eye color for a while and hair color can drastically change as well...but I do think that you might get a sense when you see your child of which name fits her better.
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    I'm not sure if you can tell hair and eye colour from birth - so many babies are born with blue eyes that change to brown or grey within the first year or two.

    However we waited until we saw our DD before deciding between our choices. It worked for us - she was clearly one and not the other. Can't even say why she looked like one choice - she just did.

    We're doing the same for our second child too - hope it works again.

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