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Thread: Benedict

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    Benedict has rapidly become one of my favorite boys names. I think more of the Shakespearean character, rather than the American traitor (who I only learned about because Peter Brady played him in the school play.) But I can't think of any suitable middle names that aren't fillers!
    What middle names can you think of that go well with Benedict? And does Benedict go with the other names in my signature?
    Thanks in advance!

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    I also love Benedict! I think it goes with the other names in your signature too! Some mn options:

    Benedict Gray
    Benedict West
    Benedict James
    Benedict Jude
    Benedict Asher
    Benedict Charles
    Benedict Grant
    Benedict Lee
    Benedict Tate
    Benedict Poe
    Benedict Seth
    Benedict North
    Benedict Vaughn

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    @laurenliz- thanks so much for the reply! I love Benedict Jude, Benedict Poe, and Benedict Grant! Great ideas, thanks!

    Question: Does anybody think of the former pope, Pope Benedict XVI? I thought of him a little after posting the question.

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    I don't think of anyone when I hear Benedict. I think it's common enough to not be tied to one person, like Adolf or Rihanna are. And it fits in well with your other names


    Benedict Daniel
    Benedict Caspian
    Benedict Hugh
    Benedict Paul
    Benedict Gregor
    Benedict Edgar
    Benedict Inigo
    Benedict Jago
    Benedict Harry
    Benedict Oscar
    Benedict Leonardo

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    I think Benedict is quite handsome and distinguished. I think of the saint, the former Pope, the Shakespearean character and Mr Arnold but there really isn't one main association (I'm Canadian so the traitor isn't a concern). That's the beauty of Benedict: its versatility. Since you already have lots of great mn suggestions from previous posters, I will make some sibsets.


    Benedict and Frederick - too matchy so only one can be used for a first name
    Benedict and Albert - both end in a "t"
    Benedict and Victor - both have "ick" sounds
    Benedict and Beatrix - share an initial

    Sibset Suggestions

    All Boys:

    Alistair, Benedict, Leopold and Crispin
    Benedict, Phineas and Edmund

    Mix of Boys and Girls:

    Benedict, Crispin, Edith and Sybil
    Benedict, Agnes, Louisa and Percival
    Benedict, Edmund and Dorothea
    Benedict nn Ben, Flora and Jane
    All the best,

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