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    Need help deciding between a few classic names

    Hi everyone,

    We recently found out we are having a boy, and I am only five months ago, so I know we have a lot of time! We both really like classic names that can be shortened to nicknames. We are definitely going with the middle name Matthew, as it is the name of my late brother, and I am finding it difficult to find a good first name combo with that middle name. Also, we have a short German last name, which really only suits certain names. Anyway, any feedback and/or suggestions are welcome! Here is what we have so far:

    Andrew Matthew Fritz
    Joshua Matthew Fritz
    Nathan Matthew Fritz
    Nicholas Matthew Fritz
    Daniel Matthew Fritz
    Elijah Matthew Fritz
    Brandon Matthew Fritz

    I am worried that some of these names are too classic/ common, but I am thinking with the middle name Matthew and last name Fritz, I am somewhat limited to classic! Let me know what you think! I don't have my heart set on anything yet!


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    How about Evan Matthew? I'm partial because this is one of my sons names. The other is Caleb Anthony.

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    Xi'An, China

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    Thanks for the suggestions!

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    How about William Matthew Fritz? It sounds so handsome! And the nn Will is adorable. My favorite from your list is Andrew

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