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    Combining two names

    Any idea on how to combine the two names Beverly and Bettie? They are my grandmas and I would love to figure out a way to honor both in one.

    If not its okay, I just figure so many of you out there are so dang creative.

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    My only thought so far is 'bea' as a middle name, but the name we want as a first is also one syllable, and so is our last name. Is that too much?

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    Maybe a double barreled name? Beverly-Bette is kind of cute. I think Bette works a little better than Bettie for this.

    I like the idea of Bea as a shared nickname for the middle name. Bevie may also work.
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    Beatrice maybe? It has the 'Bea' beginning, and a 't' too.

    I would avoid a single-syllable first name. I have a single syllable last name too, ugh. Short/single syllable firsts just sound choppy and - short. Most of the time, she would be called by her first and last name...

    Perhaps Elizabeth Ever or Everly Elizabeth? Bettie would be a diminutive of Elizabeth, and Ever/Everly are taken from Beverly.
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    You could always do Beverly-Bettie.
    Or spell it Beverlie, getting the -ie from the name Bettie while keeping the sound of Beverly.
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