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    Favourite adorable nickname and classic boys name combo

    I'm starting to get stressed. We have a baby due in October and I'm not feeling any boys names.
    We have a son Edward "Teddy" Thaddeus who is 2 and an angel baby Oliver who would have been called Ollie. If this baby is a girl she will be Adelaide Gisele called Della or Daisy. Edward goes by Teddy about 75% of the time.

    As you can see we like classic names with too cute nicknames (ending in E sound is great for nicknames). My favorite name right now for a boy, the only one that seems like a contender, is Sebastian. While there are many short forms Seb, Baz, none seem appropriately adorable or the right fit for a little boy to go by most of the time which is our hope for a nickname.

    I have combed lists of names and am now trying to go about it backwards. What are your favorite established (thought possibly unusual) nicknames that can work as cute name to be used most of the time, what classic name do you get it from? I'm OK if the names aren't typically linked. In blog posts on nameberry that address this topic almost all the suggestions seem to be for girls combos.

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    Theodore = Teddy (useless to you, I know!)
    Christopher = Kit
    Charles = Charlie
    Alexander = Sasha

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    I love Jamie for James. I also like the nn Cory, which could be short for Cordell, Corbin, Corentin. Gareth nn Gary is cute too.

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