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    What are your initial thoughts on the name Regis for a boy? What kinds of attributes do you assign to the name? Can you think of any possible way it can be made fun of or any reason not to use it?

    My DH and I are expecting baby #4, a boy, on Sept 1. We have three little girls, Reagan, Avery, and Paige. Our last name is Thompson. We are seriously divided on names. My short list included the names Graham and Henry...DH doesn't care for them (but doesn't hate them and I will fight for Graham until this baby takes his first breath). If he had his way he would name our son Aiden, which I would never in a million years choose.

    Regis is one that we both kind of agree on, but we also agree that it is a risk because it's so rare. It does have special meaning, as someone quite beloved to us is named Regis (he is in his 80s). I will admit that I am NOT looking forward to obnoxious family members pointing out the correlation to Regis Philbin.

    Please give us your honest thoughts!

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