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    Selene is wonderful. Although pronounced the same, it feels distinct from Celine...and I feel like Celine was never a one-name woman, anyway. Without the 'Dion' tied to the end, I just don't think of her at all. And like a previous poster said, old news.

    My only concern, and it's a very slight one, is that it sounds similar to saline. Ah, yes, I see you've mentioned this. It's a tiny thing, really. Wouldn't stop me from using it.

    It sounds neither made up nor trashy. I find it beautiful and ethereal. Like the name of a mermaid. Like Ondine, or something.

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    I think it's absolutely beautiful. I never think of Celine Dion when I see or hear Selene.

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    I like it. I pronounce it the way you do, because I'm not Greek. I don't think of Celine Dion and it's not like her music is still popular anymore anyway. I associate it with my niece - her middle name is Selena, which I also think is pretty. I don't think it sounds trashy at all, and it's certainly not made-up. I think it's uncommon, but familiar to almost everyone. I guess it sort of sounds like Saline, but then again so does everything that ends in -line/-leen/-lene. It doesn't bother me at all. It's not really a negative association or something a child could be teased about, so I really don't think it matters.

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    I think it's a lovely name
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    Quote Originally Posted by capiodiem View Post
    Do you like the name Selene?

    Here are some thoughts I have:
    -I like it best pronounced seh-leen (although the traditional Greek pronunciation would be seh-lee-nee)
    -I don't like variations Celine or Selena
    -I like the meaning of moonlight
    -It combines the names of two grandparents (Samantha and Adeline), which I love

    Concerns I have:
    -Associations with Celine Dion and misspelling it as Celine
    -Association with Selene from Underworld
    -Sounds "made-up" or trashy?
    -Sounds like "Saline" according to some nameberry posters

    Please address any of these thoughts? Thank you so much!
    I pronounce the name exactly the same as you, not the traditional Greek way but then many people do pronounce Selene this way so I wouldn't worry about pronunciation issues.
    I like Selena but dislike Celine however I don't think Selene would be confused for Celine or Selena as in my eyes they feel completely different.
    I love that Selene combines your Grandparent's names!! Family names are really important and that meaning is very sweet.
    I don't think your Selene would have the association of Celine Dion. I also find that association really dated. Celine Dion isn't a current star furthermore once they establish that the spelling is Selene not Celine they won't continuously spell her name wrong. Even though I think Selene would be the natural way of spelling it - well for me anyway.
    I really don't think your adorable daughter's name will be associated with the action horror series to be perfectly honest. It will just be her name.
    Selene is used commonly in Turkish, Asian and Greek communities I know a Turkish Muslim Selene whose very beautiful her name suits her wonderfully and nobody ever thinks her name is made up. People who do think the name is trashy or made-up are ridiculous and uneducated!!

    I love the name Selene you should totally go for it

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