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    Do you like the name Selene?

    Do you like the name Selene?

    Here are some thoughts I have:
    -I like it best pronounced seh-leen (although the traditional Greek pronunciation would be seh-lee-nee)
    -I don't like variations Celine or Selena
    -I like the meaning of moonlight
    -It combines the names of two grandparents (Samantha and Adeline), which I love

    Concerns I have:
    -Associations with Celine Dion and misspelling it as Celine
    -Association with Selene from Underworld
    -Sounds "made-up" or trashy?
    -Sounds like "Saline" according to some nameberry posters

    Please address any of these thoughts? Thank you so much!

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    I think Selene is beautiful! It does bring up associations, but its not as obvious as Celine would be.
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    I like Selene and I dont associate it with Celine Dion. The spelling is different. Plus Celine Dion is old news and by the time your child is in school there will be no recognition of that name in my opinion.

    I say go for it!
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    I would think the Greek pn would be 'SEH-leh-nee', rather than Seh-lee-nee?

    I like it as SEH-leh-nee (in the same vein as Merope, Antigone, Persephone etc) but not really as Se-leen, if I'm honest. Although I agree that pronunciation is more likely to be easy for people said like Celine.

    If it helps, I wouldn't really think Celine Dion with Selene I don't think.

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    I do! Prefer the spelling Celine.
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