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    Pauline was, for many years, an old lady name to me. But I went to France a few years ago and met not one but two young Paulines, aged about 10 or 11, and the French pronunciation of the name is just so cute (it's more like Pow-leen than Paul-een) it made me crush on it. I wouldn't use it though because I could never get the French pronunciation to work in the UK. Polly as a nn is cute as well. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but if you like it and it means something to you, use it.

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    I love Pauline! It's vintage but more feminine and less fusty than some of the typical "old lady" sounding names (Agnes, Mildred, etc.) I think it would be fresh and charming on a little girl.

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    Nope, it sounds frumpy to me. Polly is definitely an improvement, but still not my favourite. Sorry!

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    Pauline sounds classy, could get you to sweet nicknames Polly or Lina or Lee. It is the kind of vintage that isn't quite "back" yet, but I think it's a solid & strong name. Once people associate the name with your daughter they won't perceive it as old ladyish as much as they did before. Polina is probably a more modern choice if that concerns you, but I do like Pauline a bit better.

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    No, I really dislike it, to be honest. Even Paulina can't salvage it.
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